NoItemCapability Description
1MaterialsTg130、Tg150、Tg170、Tg180、Halogen free、CEM-1、CEM-3、Low CTE、High CTI (CTI≥400V) CTI≥600V) 、High Frequency(Rogers,Taconic)
2Layers count1-32 layers
3HDI Layers count4-16 layers
4HDI Stack up1+N+1、2+N+2、 3+N+3
5Finished Board Thickness0.25mm–6.0mm
6Finished board TK (TK≥0.8mm)±8%
7Finished board TK (0.8mm>TK≥0.3mm)±0.076mm
8Min. inner layer core thickness0.05mm (excluding copper)
9Copper foil thickness1/3oz-8oz
10Finished board sizeMin. 50mm×50mm Max. 780mm×600mm
11Max. panel size820mm ×390mm
12Min. Inner Line Width/Spacing0.075/0.075mm
13Min. outer Line width/spacing0.075/0.075mm
14Mis-registration between layers± 0.05mm(1sheet 106 prepreg)
15Hole to pattern registration±0.035mm
16Pattern registration tolerance between top and bottom layers±0.035mm
17Laser drilling size0.1-0.2mm
18drilling bit size0.20mm-6.35mm
19Min. finished hole size0.15mm
20Finished hole size tolerance± 0.05mm
21Hole position precision± 0.05mm
22PTH hole copper thickness≥20um
23Countersink hole depth tolerance±0.15mm
24Countersink hole fabrication angle90°-180° 25 Max. aspect ratio 10:1
26Max. plating aspect ratio of blind holes0.6:1
27Impedance Tolerance±10% (≥50Ω)、±5Ω (35~49Ω)
28Soldermask registration precision±0.035mm
29Min. solder mask opening0.0375mm
30Min. soldermask bridge0.075mm
31V-Cut angle30°、45°、60° (±5°)
32Min. V-cut board thickness0.2mm
33Profiling MethodRouting & Punching
34Dimensional tolerance±0.10mm
35Beveling depth tolerance±0.15mm
36Surface FinishOSP, Peelable Solder Mask, carbon ink, ENIG,ENEPIG,Hard Gold,HASL (lead free), Immersion Sn, immersion silver,Gold fingers plating,
37HASL TK tolerance0.5um-40um
39Ni Thickness(ENIG)2.54-5um
40Au Thickness(ENIG)0.025-0.20um
41Immersion Sn TK1.0-1.4um
42Immersion Ag TK0.15-0.4um
43Gold-plating finger Au TK (MAX)1.5um
44Carbon ink TK (MIN)10um
45Carbon ink width (MIN)0.4mm
46Carbon ink spacing (MIN)0.3mm
47Warpage (min)0.50%
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